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Dear Clients

Dear Clients
Dear Clients,

Thank you for your generous affection and support for "Top Engineering Co., Ltd.".

We, Top Engineering Co., Ltd., are the supervisor and quality inspector supplier for all oil and gas drilling equipment (onshore, offshore projects) and ship manufacturing process (Structure, Piping, and Raw material QM Inspectors). As a manpower training and supply company, we have the technical expertise and the highest level of professional manpower that we have accumulated through our accomplishments in related fields for a long time.

Our company absorbed GET(Golden Engineering & Trading) Co., which was established in 2002, and changed its name to Top Engineering Co. in March, 2012, and then changed its name to Top Engineering Co. Ltd. as of April, 2013.

All executives are specialists who have worked as QM, QA, QC, and Class Surveyors and accumulated experiences for over 20 to 35 years in the classification field. We have been working with Shipping Companies, ZODIAC, BERNARD, SCHULTE, SOCATRA, VIKEN, QATRA and the Class, DNV, ABS, & LLOYD, etc. We have successfully completed the Supervisory work and the Class surveying work. We have also been working on the construction of marine structures such as TOTAL, ADGAS, CHEVRON, ENI, BP, STATOIL, EXXONMOBILE, etc. conducted by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Marine Business Division and SamKang M&T Co. Ltd., and have provided superior inspectors (Structure, Piping, Electric Control, Painting, and QM) for this project.

We have successfully delivered and accomplished a lot of work accomplishments. All employees of Top Engineering Co., Ltd. always strive to have the best competitiveness in the related industry with a humble attitude. We promise that we will return our faith to you only by our ability, infinite trust, and sense of responsibility.

We hope you could keep advising us to be a fast-growing company who does its best for customer satisfaction. Top Engineering Co., Ltd. will continue to study and strive to realize the dreams and ideals of "the best quality in the related industry" with your support.

Thank you.    
Jeong, Chul Soo, CEO
Top Engineering Co., Ltd.

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